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Sound Sickness - Joren Frencken

Sound Sickness

Eclectic, allround DJ · Producer

The semifinals of MNM - Start to DJ and a dj set at Sunrise Festival were for Sound Sickness an absolute breakthrough. What started as a hobby at small, local parties evolved into an incredible music passion of this eclectic, all-round DJ and producer.

Thanks to the increasing recognition in Belgium, Sound Sickness is today an established name in the nightlife scene of Leuven and Antwerp. Karément, Red & Blue, Publik ... DJ Sound Sickness always creates a lasting impression. However, Sound Sickness’ ambition reaches even further. Cities like Toulouse and ski villages including Saint-Sorlin D'Arves already had the pleasure to welcome Sound Sickness. Earlier this year, he was playing live on a national radio channel Studio Brussels and he already created several times an unseen party atmosphere at the Vooruit in Ghent.

The future of Sound Sickness is looking brighter than ever. Constant innovation and originality reflect in every single dj set. The recent occasional partnership with Fiddle'n Bass (live violin) ensures even more an overall experience that takes each audience, whether it is at a bar, club or festival, to the next party level.